Night Life

I hope you enjoy this poem, as we near the solstice, and know that the light will return. Life in the night – trees unseen, the woods a hidden myth, staggering from step to unsure step, your path is faith, your direction trust. Safety: a myth, security: fib, walking in darkness, way marks hid, headway is made past obstacles obscured, dark’s blackness: fear complete. So rises the dawn, return of


Gripped by the urge to write a poem, I looked for inspiration. A thesaurus peered at me from the shelf of my desk, and I selected a word at random “ordinarily” So, after a while, the drafted flash fiction – within a 300 word limit, arbitrarily set by me – came into being. I hope you like it.     Ordinarily Today is a dozy morning.  A morning with a

Thunder In the Village

Based on personal experiences, a fictional village is coming to life in my mind. Some of these ideas are making it into an attempt at a book. Maybe, one day, the book’ll finish and I’ll see about a kindle version or something. For now, enjoying the writing and the making up of it all satsifies the craving. This piece, although not in the book, is based near the fictitious place

The Manor of the Harbour

I recently enjoyed a holiday in Cornwall.  Lovely. Whilst there I didn’t do as much writing as I thought I might. I did, however, write the odd fragment and bit – some of which I’ve stitched together and re-written for this poem. Funny how one or two phrases can capture a memory. Hopefully, one or two phrases in this poem will evoke a response in anyone who’s kind enough to

Formative decision

I’ve started writing poems that are a bit longer than previously. I’ve stopped trying to create something that fits into 9 or 12 lines, and just let my thoughts run through. So, I hope you like this latest offering. It’s about a decision I made, when I was a youngster, to take an opportunity. I understand why I made this decision.   Formative Decision School isn’t the way to spend


I read this poem out at the latest Seahaven Poets open mic session in Seaford. We had a really lovely evening. Here it is:     Drumbeats Bang, to the beat of a drum, a cycle, a rhythm, driving life forward, creating a pace in life’s repetition, providing us reference to time’s frightening passage, marking the difference between now and tomorrow – time marked in birthdays, mournings, and love. Bang,

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