An expert once told me it’s too late to save the primates, the mega fauna, the ecosystems in Africa.

They’d know. Their life had been spent studying and trying to protect what they saw as Earth’s treasure.

Personally, I agree.

This was twenty years ago.

Nothing has changed, nothing has been done to change anything.

Our climate is broken, rainforests are still being denuded.

Wild areas are still being explored, to find resources and remove the innocence of the first nations who used to live in Eden.

And many more humans will follow us.

Let’s give them some hope. A chance. Anything.

But we do need to act. It’s already too late.

Once Chance

I know it’s too late,

but what’s the harm in trying?

My godson wont’ know it,

once his generation’s in charge.

What have they wrought?

Will be what they say.

And why did they do it?

For he’ll have to pay.

For our indiscretions,

excesses and folly.

For our inability

to reign in the profits.

The climate is shot,

the rainforests, too.

We’re leaving a shambles

to the next lot coming through.

So here is my choice:

It’s already too late; do I bother?

To fly less, campaign,

to indicate that we all must refrain?

Or do I think sod it,

too late – no point in trying?

For my godson, I’ll do all I can,

To ensure he inherits a chance.

For that’s all he’ll get –

It’s all any of us have.

But we have one – let’s use it,

and prevent gaia-cide.

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