Our world has faults – we all know that.

Getting us all to agree on what those are is like herding cats.

All of us have – and are entitled to – an opinion; some of us share that opinion with others, some don’t.

Mostly, though, there’s at least a few like minded soulds out there who we can agree with, take heart in sharing views and chew the fat with for hours.

Putting the world to rights.

For me, a big fault in our world is a lack of action on the environment and our fellow creatures, and a lack of action to tackle inequality.

Ever since I’ve been aware, the problems have been there, the faults in our world the same – but almost nothing has been done.

The problems get worse, everyone who has power and/or influence doesn’t make any changes. Action is not taken.

We can never rely on a defence that we just didn’t know.

Fingers crossed something will change. Something desperately needs to.


Some of us have incredible judgement, rightly

earning the distinction of authority and

influence, enabling society to

benefit from their wisdom, knowledge and talent.

Guiding corporations and businesses, these

folk are trusted to use the power imbued in

them to make balanced decisions, driving forward

their companies, benefitting society.

These decisions shape our world, ensuring growing

economies, shareholder value – products,

services and employment – social fabric.

At a certain point, these folk are asked to balance

commercial factors over people and our

environment, in order to sustain income.

Decision-making folk are good, principled folk,

respected and rewarded for applying their

minds to conundrums most of us could not fathom.

These minds feed the monster, ensuring a flow from

resource to product, plan to profit, their success

manifested in perpetual, global growth.

This growth – in pursuit of economic health – has

inherent but avoidable side-effects – like

non-union exploitation and pollution.

Our greatest minds are thus pitted to destruction

of our environment and our cultures, through

the aggregated impact of these side effects.

Let’s change the questions we ask these minds, let’s apply

this talent to Earth’s protection, her peoples

and our fellow creatures, and see what is then possible.

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