Thinking about what’s important in life, there’s so much that can go on a list. Getting to the kernel of what it is that, looking back, you’d regret having wasted time on or perhaps neglecting this time around, is not that easy. Family, friends, adding to other people’s lives – enjoying your time here. Modern lives are complex, with plenty of need for compromise. Avoiding distraction is key to focussing


I spent time as a teenager working in woodlands, where I developed a love for trees and our natural world. Perhaps counter-intuitive, chopping down trees can be good for biodiversity and the woodland ecosystem, in properly managed coppice, for example. The cycle of growing wood, clearing and regenerating over centuries generated a system of life adapted or suited to these rhythms. This poem comes from that place; quiet and lonely,

I know

I’m reading a book of collected poems at the moment, by a chap called RS Thomas. It seems he was a priest in Wales, in and around the Llyn peninsula. His poems are really good, they’re making me really think. Inspired by his work, I guess, I sat down to write this evening, and here is the poem that is the result. I know Indoctrinated in a Christian world, faith

Night Life

I hope you enjoy this poem, as we near the solstice, and know that the light will return. Life in the night – trees unseen, the woods a hidden myth, staggering from step to unsure step, your path is faith, your direction trust. Safety: a myth, security: fib, walking in darkness, way marks hid, headway is made past obstacles obscured, dark’s blackness: fear complete. So rises the dawn, return of


Gripped by the urge to write a poem, I looked for inspiration. A thesaurus peered at me from the shelf of my desk, and I selected a word at random “ordinarily” So, after a while, the drafted flash fiction – within a 300 word limit, arbitrarily set by me – came into being. I hope you like it.     Ordinarily Today is a dozy morning.  A morning with a

Thunder In the Village

Based on personal experiences, a fictional village is coming to life in my mind. Some of these ideas are making it into an attempt at a book. Maybe, one day, the book’ll finish and I’ll see about a kindle version or something. For now, enjoying the writing and the making up of it all satsifies the craving. This piece, although not in the book, is based near the fictitious place

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