Many of us pine for a world we once wished to inhabit, only never did. Life changes and choices, enforced or voluntary, intended or otherwise, can govern where we end up, who we’re with and what we think of that. Coming across a version of the world you once idolised can cause reflection, thinking about where you are, who you’re with and why. Many of our sub-cultures and worlds grow


Lethargy can grip us, even the most active of us, from time to time. Sometimes, a break from the rushing around and general flat out busy ness of everyday life lets us rejoin the fray refreshed. However, soemtimes, when you sit down for a break in a busy day, you don’t want to get up again. Similarly, removing yourself from that fray for a short while can let the demons

Thought Baddies

Sometimes, things get the better of us; I’ve just been through a patch where I didn’t want to go out and socialise, didn’t want to write anything, just wanted to sit – which was getting really boring I realised I was feeling a bit depressed – still am, although this is not a particularly bad patch – so I’m doing something about it I managed to go to my writing

Away in the Village

Continuing the theme of words set to music, Robin and I are still collaborating, in what’s proving to be a really interesting project. The writing is centred on a fictional village, with a pub (the Lamb of Sussex) at the heart. This piece does not include the Lamb, but does use landmarks I’ve borrowed from reality. This piece is perhaps a bit more contraversial than others I’ve written, and comes


School days are a distant memory, nevertheless some of my most powerful memories come from those days. Music has always been important to me; I listen to music when I write, when I work, when I cook – I’d have music going the whole time, if I could – but maybe that would send me a bit more dotty than I already am. So much music is available now –

The Egret’s Way

I first saw an Egret (a little egret) from a train window. I was on my way to Cornwall, to meet an English Nature reserve warden. At the time, I was studying the heath fritillary butterfly, endangered through habitat loss, and exploring the use of a computer programme (a version of GIS) to identify nearby locations where the butterfly might prosper, were it to gain a foothold. The train to

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