Squabbling War

Frustratingly, our leaders, the powers that be, never seem able to actually change anything. Our world is little changed, in many ways, from the world I observed as a child. Yes, there’s lots of noise about different initiatives. There’s lots of noise about flagship campaigns affecting our infrastructure and services. But nothing, in reality, really changes in our society – except for the usual story of cuts and resignations. Despite


Speaking your mind – or rather writing it – is daunting, as you are letting part of you loose upon the world. Framing a feeling or a thought can also be tricky, as there are limited ways you can convey that concept. However, there’s little point avoiding writing something that’s fair enough because it’s mildly contraversial, or may run contrary to the opinions or sensibilities of others. Absolutely, don’t write


Recently, awareness has grown of the damage we’re doing to the world that surrounds us. All of us, really, know that something should change. I agree, and as a culture, we can achieve great things, once we’re aware that action must be taken. Making changes can be frightening, and does require commitment from all of us. None of want to – and none of us should – have to suffer

One Chance

An expert once told me it’s too late to save the primates, the mega fauna, the ecosystems in Africa. They’d know. Their life had been spent studying and trying to protect what they saw as Earth’s treasure. Personally, I agree. This was twenty years ago. Nothing has changed, nothing has been done to change anything. Our climate is broken, rainforests are still being denuded. Wild areas are still being explored,


Many of us pine for a world we once wished to inhabit, only never did. Life changes and choices, enforced or voluntary, intended or otherwise, can govern where we end up, who we’re with and what we think of that. Coming across a version of the world you once idolised can cause reflection, thinking about where you are, who you’re with and why. Many of our sub-cultures and worlds grow


Lethargy can grip us, even the most active of us, from time to time. Sometimes, a break from the rushing around and general flat out busy ness of everyday life lets us rejoin the fray refreshed. However, soemtimes, when you sit down for a break in a busy day, you don’t want to get up again. Similarly, removing yourself from that fray for a short while can let the demons

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