I’ve counted my friends and I am fortunate.  Blessed by life with true relations.  In trouble, through gaps in time, over distance and under-maintained.  I’m still lucky.  To’ve known life and to experience friendship.  True friendship – beyond infatuation, beyond duty’s bond and loyalty’s clasp, beyond life-joined unity.  Upon the rocks at the true depths, the limits of human tolerance, I have been stood by.  And I am the richer

Summing Up

I guess this poem is topical.  One for our times – or, perhaps – one for a long, long time.   We have the capacity to get somuch right here on Earth, and we persist in getting so much wrong.   What is with us?   Summing Up: Look how far we’ve come.  Children educated so fast they’re not ready for work.  We are now so thoroughly modern we have

Time to Talk

Today is “Time to Talk” day.   The aim is to get us talking about our mental health.  Our feelings and emotions.   Our sense of ourselves.  Perhaps how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves and how that makes us act, interact and affects our sense of wellbeing.   Just living day to day can be a trauma.   So, think before you interact with your friends, colleagues

Six Nations

I haven’t written any prose for a while.  Inspired, I guess, by the adverts signalling the start of the six nations, I wrote this yesterday in the early evening. I really hope this captures some of the drama of the competition, and the series of matches we all lap up, anticipating great success, or cringeing disappointment, wondering what might have been. Anyway, it’s a great time of year for a

Yes or No

So many programmes and news feeds tell us that in our lives, almost anything we do has a marked detrimental effect on the world around us. Consumption consumes.  Waste pollutes.  Food has miles.  Clothes sweat.  Journeys emit.  So we all, collectively, know this.  However.  Nothing changes.  Mainly, I think, because we’re largely – individually – unable to make a difference.  We’ve made it necessary to eat, clothe ourselves, travel to

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