I guess this poem is topical.  One for our times – or, perhaps – one for a long, long time.


We have the capacity to get somuch right here on Earth, and we persist in getting so much wrong.


What is with us?


Summing Up:

Look how far we’ve come.  Children educated

so fast they’re not ready for work.  We are now so

thoroughly modern we have non-governmental

organisations to take care off our guilt.  So

awfully civilised with our celebrated

towns and idolised cities, inequality

illustrated in blatant artistry.  And we

still pay women less than men, for doing the same

job, with the same skills, just as competently.  Just

about sums us lot up, really.  You know, there is

no excuse for prejudice – but gender?  Let us

face ourselves and examine what we really do.


  1. Hi Rich. Been v impressed with your recent writings – particularly Come Back which really caught my attention. You really seem to have raised yr game or maybe I am just more in tune with yr style now. Keep up the good work and hope to catch up with you and Ruth soon. Cheers David

  2. Well done Rich, as David says above, your recent writings are Impressive. Perhaps more confident and distinctive. Your last sentence caught my attention and resonated – goes to the heart of Stoic philosophy, Marcus Aurelius et al, which I’ve been reading recently.

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