Today is “Time to Talk” day.


The aim is to get us talking about our mental health.  Our feelings and emotions.


Our sense of ourselves.  Perhaps how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves and how that makes us act, interact and affects our sense of wellbeing.


Just living day to day can be a trauma.


So, think before you interact with your friends, colleagues and neighbours.


Dont’ hide your own struggles within.


Let’s make a world where we’re all empowered, enabled and confident about ourselves.


Where we’re safe.


It’s time to talk.  I hope you like.



Time to Talk:


How easily we become isolate.  Fear dawns

our world hostile.  Fear to share feelings.  Fear to tell

the truth.  Speak our minds.  Fear to be our self.  Creates

a myth around us.  Our false persona built through

fear-response.  Others see the myth.  Our pandering

to what others want to hear.  Our pressure-response

filling a gap created by expectation.

And the myth is us.  So we are misunderstood.

Unknown.  And we’ll ever be isolate until

we can be our self.  Until our world allows us.

No remarks or comments.  No disapproval and

innuendo.  No exclusion.  No prejudice.

True acceptance.  Honest understanding.  Adult

respect.  Let’s not fuel the fear.  It’s time to talk.


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