Lethargy can grip us, even the most active of us, from time to time.

Sometimes, a break from the rushing around and general flat out busy ness of everyday life lets us rejoin the fray refreshed.

However, soemtimes, when you sit down for a break in a busy day, you don’t want to get up again.

Similarly, removing yourself from that fray for a short while can let the demons in.

A little negativity (not a dirty word) or self-doubt. A little boredom and loss of go.

Self-reflection turns to recrimination that you haven’t done anything, that you’ve become lazy or bored.

And the opportunity to address the deeper issue, the real reason you need a break is lost.

The vicious circle is breakable. Oftentimes, a little help to break the cycle goes a long way.

Be good to each other. Look for sparks.


Stress related illness, mental hardship – life-battle against grain wears down resistance.

Going through the mill and getting stuck between the grindstones shatters, defeats resilience.

Time off – to heal, away from the harum and the scarum, away from rush-hassle.

Calm self-space to drift-chill away-bob in mind-meander thought-loops.

Luxuriant mind-doldrums feather deep-release easy chairs and brain-hammocks.

Peace-soaked inner-tempests calm, angst-dissipates and thoughts clear, breath flows.

Days pass – humdrum now, telly-cycles sap self-will in apathetic crap.

Energetic doom-fathoms mire-suck motivation, self-recrimination hurts.

Counter-productive self-flagellation drives further hate, inspires sigh-depression.

Explanatory reason for this lethargy doesn’t exist; beyond control, the malady controls.

Mental exhaustion is a symptom, not the condition itself nor the cause.

For the want of one hope, one quantum of energy to cause oomph-cascade do-result.

A spark, to do something – anything – no matter what, just for a laugh – who cares?

Beyond reach, beyond harness, this hope-inspiration could kindle positive consequence.

One slight nudge, one soft leg up, one encouragement, one kind word – a smile.

Catalyst, ignition source, accelerant – a chain reaction commences after slight love.

There’re sparks out there for everyone – and we can help each other find them.

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