Sometimes, things get the better of us; I’ve just been through a patch where I didn’t want to go out and socialise, didn’t want to write anything, just wanted to sit – which was getting really boring

I realised I was feeling a bit depressed – still am, although this is not a particularly bad patch – so I’m doing something about it

I managed to go to my writing group last night – you heroes, thank you – and I wrote this poem whilst I was there

Reflecting on what was really stopping me from getting out and about over the last few weeks, it’s been the thought of something happening, rather than any reality

Thought is not reality, facing down that thought can be very difficult, but is possible

So, I hope you like this offering – if you do, please like and share on Facebook – thanks

Thought Baddies

The thought’s the baddie – truth cuts, reality bites

but the blade’s now dull, the teeth worn, the maw weakened

through over use, in eager, demented mind-gnaws.

Paranoia nurdles into your head, lying,

makes-believe pain awaits, humiliation traps

the brave, forcing hunker-fear and isolation.

Your thoughts won’t happen, reality is not that:

seek and find, ask and receive, knock and enter in;

truth is light, reality is love, life will heal.

The thought’s the baddie, but thought’s only ever that –

love is found outside your head – release your good self,

it’s easier than thought says.  The truth is out here.

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