Gardening gets you closer to nature. Being outdoors in the weather, noticing the chill of a breeze or the warmth of May sun, the natural world comes closer.

Nature comes in all sort of guises – from the earthworms in the compost, the robin who bugs you to turn over soil, to the buzzard that cries overhead.

A garden is a web of living, breathing entities, sharing the space in harmony.

Your role as a gardener, is to make as many lives as possible, possible.

At least, that’s what I think.

Where’s that trowel?

Nature’s Bounty

Harvesting our garden’s verdant bounty

is our intention – we arrange planting,

watering, bedding – all toward our goal:

to indulge keenly in nature’s harvest.

Stretching front and back, our garden surrounds

the safe fulcrum of our lives: our dwelling

is characterised through the commitment

we put into this, our sanctuary.

Enjoying a barbecue with a friend,

taking time to sit with someone special,

watching a bird enjoy the water bath:

we value spending time in the garden.

The garden is home to a plethora

of creatures, living in the nooks, niches

and crannies we’ve created: this is home

for these guys, too – the garden’s also theirs.

Flying insects tumbling and gyring

provide fascinating entertainment –

mice nests, slow worms and frogs – fellow creatures

share our space: pure, endless satisfaction.

Our garden’s under our control – we know

we create habitat to harbour our

companions – the apples are a nice

bonus, the creatures are the true bounty.

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