I’m reading a book of collected poems at the moment, by a chap called RS Thomas.

It seems he was a priest in Wales, in and around the Llyn peninsula.

His poems are really good, they’re making me really think.

Inspired by his work, I guess, I sat down to write this evening, and here is the poem that is the result.

I know

Indoctrinated in a Christian world,

faith was a comfort, a strength.

Once lost: never regained, and mature,

adult reckonings took hold.

I can believe what I like, and once

believed, belief becomes truth.

My science taught me to believe

in what I can test, what I can observe.

I have observed the world I’m in,

and have come to one conclusion.

God is the space I walk around in,

the light I see by and the air I breathe.

Goddess is all I see, all I perceive:

the Earth, the stars, the trees.

My mind is my inner universe,

filled with mighty thought.

My body is of the Goddess,

and gives me feet on holy ground.

My spirit is my self, the energetic being,

the I that I am.

There is far more to my life

than this: love, laughter and light.

Words can’t capture the thought,

the concept I hold of all that is.

What’s true is that reckonings of

 the world lead us to recognise deeper

reality, that there is some truth

at the heart of existence here.

I’ll never know, for sure – all I

can do, is know what I believe.

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