I hope you enjoy this poem, as we near the solstice, and know that the light will return.

Life in the night – trees unseen, the

woods a hidden myth, staggering

from step to unsure step, your path

is faith, your direction trust.

Safety: a myth, security: fib,

walking in darkness, way marks hid,

headway is made past obstacles

obscured, dark’s blackness: fear complete.

So rises the dawn, return of

the light, letting you see the way

through the trees, self-reliant now,

you can see to make safe choices.

In darkness, unsighted, rely

on your faith, high powers – Angels –

will keep you safe as you make

your way forward, blinded in night.

In light dark’s myths dissolve from

the world, illumined in day all

is safe, sure and sound, you control

destiny, your life is safe in love.

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