Come Back

At a time when efforts are being made to make mental health less taboo – more accepted and normal to talk about, to share experience of and to understand, I hope you can understand this poem.

What is it that’s so bad, so horrendous, that lives are pulled apart by it?

We’re all more important than the symptoms of a mental crisis.

Whatever it is, we can rise above the effects and be there, help each other.

People are more important.

I hope you understand.



Come Back:


Walk backwards from the brink.  We’re going to

support you.  We’re here to comfort you, too.

Whatever your demons.  Whatever hurts.

You are more important to us than the

things you think come between us.  The things that

make your life impossible to bear.  We

will be here.  Unconditional means that

what you feel is so bad doesn’t matter.

We have one urgent request: step back from

the brink.  Please don’t let our love turn to grief.

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