A few years ago now, for obvious reasons, I learned about privelege. White privelege, male privelege, hetero privelege – the list goes on. I’m embarrassed to say I never realised, or knew, about this until it was pointed out. I’m embarassed to live in a world where this exists, and to be honest, let’s all try and make the change that means we put a stop to privelege. It’s not


I haven’t posted for a while, the circumstances of the last couple of years have limited my creativity, and I’ve still been focussed on the book I’m trying to write, which has taken a priority. However – here’s a new poem, and I shall explain why I’ve written this. Language is a funny thing, and an important thing, too – and on the score of inclusion, of making sure we

Rainy Days

I was in Cornwall recently, for a break from it all, and we had incredible weather for a few days. Weather kind enough to let us sit on the beach in shirtsleaves and shorts, walk around without having to take a coat and just bimble about walking around and getting up to stuff. By the beach, there was a fantastic cafe stationed in an abandoned hotel – set just below

If You Stand Back and Look

Over the last year, I have been busy writing a book. My first draft is done, and some kind friends are looking at it (no pressure!) and I hope to get some good pointers to work in, update or consider. That’s the reason I’ve not written many poems over the last twelve to eighteen months, my head’s been full of the book, which is based on a poem I wrote

Cider Craic

As a youngster, attending University, many of the folk I knew were looking to change their lives. Not necessarily looking to “better” themselves; that’s perhaps an outdated perspective in a world I hope has moved on – I may of course be wrong about that. But these folk were perhaps a little older than most of our undergrad compatriots. Thus we had seen a little more of life outside of

Every Day Beauty

During lockdown, my local writing friends have stayed in touch, zooming weekly and writing away. Every few days, I’ve been posting poetry challenges to a collection of local poets, just for fun, for something to write about during lockdown. After reading loads of excellent poems over the last few weeks, I figured maybe it was time for me to put pen to paper, and write a poem in response to

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